Care Instruction

From the left image, in the order of black spots, pores, fine wrinkles, and tendons.

Natural leather may vary slightly in the process, and may appear different from their photos.
We regret to inform you that if the color of the product appears different due to the difference in color or texture according to the brightness and resolution of your monitor, it will not be accepted as an eligible reason for return. Please note that the color may appear different depending on the lighting.
Due to the nature of natural leather materials, there may be tendons, fine scratches, wrinkles, creases, stamps, black spots, and/or pores. They do not fall under any reason for exchange or return as they are not defective.
In particular, the pattern, texture, and thickness of genuine python leather may vary slightly from product to product compared to conventional leather.
Please keep in mind that, if you keep the product hung on a hanger for 1–2 days, the creases will be smoothed out.
The foil-coated leather is a product with foil coated on the leather surface, and thus, please be careful during your use as the surface may be peeled off or discolored.
As the metal and decorations may be damaged or dislocated due to external pressure or moisture, please be careful during your use.
After receiving the product, any discoloration or variation caused by pressure from the external environment will not be accepted as a reason for exchange or refund.

Please remove any contamination with a clean, soft cloth as it may leave stains.
Please do not use detergent for parts or leather cleaner that is not suitable for the material when removing the contamination of the product, and get help from a professional cleaning company.
When wearing and storing a natural leather product, it is recommended to avoid exposure to moisture, water, snow, rain, or sweat. In the case of contact with water, it is recommended to gently wipe the leather with a dry towel and dry the product in a shaded and well-ventilated place.
This product is made of natural leather. Please exercise caution for the stains from dye upon friction for a long period of time or colored clothes, contamination, and wearing out of texture may occur, due to the nature of the material.
The subtle difference in the color and grain of the leather are general characteristics of natural leather.
As long exposure to direct sunlight may cause the spreading of color, contamination, decolorization, and modification, it is recommended that you store the product in a well-ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight.
Please do not wash or dry clean the product as it will damage or alter the product.
How to preserve leather bags
As the shape of leather bags may be altered by use, please avoid putting heavy items in them.
For storage, stuff the bag to maintain its shape and place it inside a dust bag. Store the bag in a well-ventilated place.
Please make sure that all leather products do not come into contact with water, oil, cosmetics, perfumes, and other chemicals.


We guarantee to repair products within one year of purchase under quality assurance and damage compensation regulations.
Repair will be provided free of charge as compensation within one year period after the purchase of the product. For products damaged due to user negligence, repair and shipping costs will be charged. Some products may not be possible to be repaired.
(After-sales service will be unavailable for any state caused by negligence when shoes are worn, such as leather scratches, peeling, and contamination) Products with leather and other materials that are difficult to acquire may not be repairable in some cases.
For any free or paid after-service repairs, customers will be charged with the round-trip shipping costs.
All after-sales services will take approx. 3 weeks including the shipping period. (However, the repair period and cost may vary depending on the degree of difficulty for repair and the supply and demand of raw materials.)
You can apply for the after-sales service on the Q&A bulletin board and we will do our best to reply to your inquiry within 24 hours of registration.
(If you let us know when and where you purchased the product, product model, usage status, and the details of the defect, we will be able to process your inquiry faster and more accurately.)